4 tips on how to transport bikes with your car on holiday

The time of the summer holidays has already arrived and many Italians have already reached the places where they spend the much desired vacation. In the “equipment” for the holiday very often falls the bicycle , perhaps one for each member of the family, and it is not rare to cross the road drivers who transport the two wheels to the best, tied on the luggage rack , or unlikely stowed in the trunk. Obviously, carrying such a bulky cargo in an improvised manner can be dangerous for road safety and for the safety of the car’s occupants. Let’s find out together which are the safest ways and the tips to transport the bikes with the car in complete safety.


The safest way to transport one or more bicycles by car during a trip is to secure them to an approved bicycle carrier . This important accessory is securely and securely attached to the vehicle and the bikes are subsequently secured. On the market it is possible to find many models of bike carriers which differ for the type of fixing to the car , on the roof or on the boot lid, and for the number of bicycles that can be loaded. A complete overview of the bike carrier can be viewed on the Bikester specialist portal .

One of the most common and common types is the roof rack; this support is fixed to the roof bars , so it is essential that the car is provided. Each bike carrier can carry one bicycle at a time , so if you need to transport more than one, you need to buy more bike racks, obviously compatible with the available space on the roof . The roof bike carrier is certainly the most economical type but certainly not the most practical, if installed on an SUV or on a Off-road, taking or storing bicycles could prove not very easy ( Read here what are the 10 checks to do before of the holidays ).


The tailgate rack is far more practical than the roof rack, especially for the height at which it is fixed . Another advantage offered by this type of support is the number of bicycles that can be transported: some models of bike racks allow you to safely and neatly store up to 3 bicycles. The most advanced models also allow you to open the tailgate and access the luggage compartment even with the bikes attached to the support.


The towing bike carriers are the most complex, as a concept, but are among the most practical models to mount and use . These supports offer a considerable load capacity, some models allow you to load up to 4 bikes or bulky electric bikes . Among the advantages offered, the speed of assembly and the minor impact on the aerodynamics of the vehicle . The tow hook carriers often cover the license plate and the light clusters and for this reason they are marketed with lights, including the direction indicators , and prepared for the repeater plate to be requested from the Motorization or at the car service agency.

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