Carrier: how does it work?

Role of the freight carrier

The freight carrier is the transport professional most often solicited by companies. Its responsibility is to send each property entrusted to it in the right place, in national or international delivery, within the given deadlines and without damage.
The general transport companies can take care of any kind of merchandise from the document under fold to the container that will take a cargo or plane. The pickup schedule is agreed upon with each customer. Then the carrier to collect all these requests for delivery of packages and consolidate shipments according to different parameters: time, destination, volume, etc.

Modes of transport and infrastructure

A carrier may use multiple modes of transportation to honor each order:

  • overland route: road or rail transport
  • sea ​​or river transport
  • air Transport
  • multimodal transport: a combination of several of these modes

The transport company is also dependent on infrastructure to load / unload goods (ports, airports), to cross natural obstacles during the journey (tunnels, bridges, locks, viaducts, etc.) or to park and / or maintain the vehicles. The latter (trucks, cars, utilities, trains, planes, cargo) depend of course on the chosen communication route: air, sea or land.

Tariff grid and carrier

Whatever the service requested, a carrier always uses the same criteria to establish its commercial offer.
First, the price of the service depends on the type of goods transported, including:

  • its format
  • its volume
  • his weight

The price of the shipment also depends on:

  • distance from the destination which may be international
  • the modes of transport used

To find a trusted provider for all your transportation needs, in less than a minute, you answer a few questions to clarify your request. You will then receive within 48 hours several quotes from certified carriers that meet your expectations.

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