Carriers: Are you well insured?

All transport of goods must be covered by insurance taken out by the carrier. This contract protects it against the risks incurred during transport, from the point of loading to the point of delivery, whatever the mode of transport.

The liability insurance of the carrier is essential

A transport of goods is subject to various risks which may implicate the carrier’s liability. In fact, the latter undertakes to deliver goods to the delivery point in the same state as when they were taken over.
In case of damage, the carrier is held responsible, without the shipper having to establish the proof. This is why he is legally obliged to insure himself. This contract does not cover the goods transported , but guarantees the repayment of sums committed to the sender in the event of an incident.

The applications of the carrier insurance contract

Carriers, your goods transport must be insured, especially in the following cases:

  • The transport concerns goods that belong to a third party.
  • Transport concerns your own goods.
  • Transport concerns valuable goods.

In case of dispute, the carrier is obliged to pay compensation for damages for which he is held legally responsible, however in case of force majeure this responsibility may be limited:

  • When sinking, stormy or boarding
  • During an earthquake or other natural disaster
  • During attacks and aggression with armed or other hand.

Establish your insurance contract

The insurer will establish its contract based on several elements, which will influence the calculation of the premium:

  • the activity of the company.
  • the nature of the objects transported.
  • the geographical areas covered.

There is therefore no standard tariff, to subscribe a contract, it is necessary to take stock in detail with an insurer or consult the insurance online to get quotes.
It may also be worthwhile to take out a supplementary guarantee in order to benefit from full coverage.
But of course, the insurance can only intervene in the case where the responsibility of the carrier is engaged and if it can not exonerate it.

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