Goods transport: optional services

Freight transport providers are constantly seeking to expand their service offerings to meet the most varied needs. Options and special services now allow the handling of any package, in just about any condition.

Options in freight transport

  • Pickup service

    You can adjust the conditions of the collection of your folds: choice by stroke by phone (or internet) for occasional shipments, implementation of a systematic process for regular shipments and choice of pickup location.

  • Priority shipping

    This freight transport option allows you to benefit from priority processing of your shipment, from pick-up to dispatch: delivery at the beginning of the day, delivery confirmation …

  • Guarantee

    All goods transport providers offer personalized tracking of your parcels. You can also benefit from the implementation of dedicated means of delivery in case of anomaly, confirmation of delivery, insurance , etc.

  • Delivery Services

    You can also customize your delivery by asking specifically for your package the installation of a sticker, or by providing a delivery on Saturday.

  • Enhanced security

    For certain types of goods, means of protection and monitoring can be proposed: GPS tracking, control at each load break, storage in a secure space in the case of delivery remaining deposit, etc.

Specific services

  • Delivery in extreme urgency

    For your last minute needs in freight transportation, emergency teams always ready to intervene can be contacted by some transport professionals.
    This type of service is expensive, but you can enjoy a significant mobilization, only dedicated to the handling of your package: on-site pick-up 24/7, including holidays, multimodal transport to maximize speed of shipment, no constraints on the nature of the package (any weight, any volume).

  • Transport of dangerous goods

    Your service provider will be able to take care of the transport of dangerous or regulated goods, at least within the limit of a list of predefined products that he will send you. You just have to point it out so that the airlines and other freight forwarders know about the cargo.
    Shipments containing carbo ice by road are not regulated. If the transport is by air, it is sufficient to indicate on the forms the nature of the dangerous goods and the number and weight of the packages concerned.

To simplify your search for a service provider, make a free and qualified request for a freight quote! Several offers from specialized companies will reach you within 48 hours!

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