Modena: the first Masters course on the autonomous driving of FCA and UniMoRe arrives

It was only a matter of time before even the Italian forges of experts and professionals began to look at the new orientation of the futuristic technologies coming. And since autonomous driving is an increasingly tangible realitywhich risks remaining in the hands of the Startups with which the car manufacturers collaborate, FCA has started the first Italian training course. The Master will begin in May 2019 and will last one year. It is aimed at graduates in Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics Engineering, Automation Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. A demonstration of the multidisciplinarity of the course is the fact that it is held in English, 1500 hours are planned between classes and internship and is open to 20 participants .

The future professionals coming out of the Master will be highly qualified, suitable to cover managerial roles in the design and development of intelligent systems for connected and autonomous vehicles. “This new second level master’s degree that we have thought together with the University of Trento, with the collaboration of the Fiat Research Center and the Bruno Kessler Foundation – comments Rector Unimore Angelo O. Andrisano – intends to offer a general overview of the modern electronic and IT technologies used in the automotive field, providing expertise of increasing impact in various industrial sectors and of great relevance in applied research. “The ADBot Masters issues 60 accredited university credits (CFU) and expendable in the European Union: Candidates are offered the opportunity to access 12 scholarships worth 10 thousand euros , in addition to the exemption of the registration fee of 2,500 euros and others sponsored by some industrial partners.


The program was organized with theoretical lessons, practical workshops (“hands-on”), – FCA knows – seminars with experts covering topics ranging from robotics, human-machine interaction, artificial intelligence, connectivity and security, hardware and software architecture for autonomous vehicles up to the management of sensors, actuators and vehicle control. At the end of the frontal teaching a 7-month internship is scheduled at one of the industrial partners or organizing bodies, to carry out a project related to the master’s topics. ” An engineer who starts working today in our industry will have to complete his classical mechanical training with new knowledge: from artificial intelligence to machine learning, fromcybersecurity at sensor fusion “commented Roberto Fedeli , FCA Global Innovation Manager and CEO of the Fiat Research Center.

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