New car: only 20% change it for safety

The choice of the car is a particularly difficult time for consumers . A study confirms that, after choosing a new home, finding the right car takes time and energy . If drivers keep their cars tight, a number of factors push them in the opposite direction; old age, mechanical problems and the search for greater security are the springs that push to turn the page. In the choice there are those who start from style and those who look to the right immediately focusing on the right engine and price range. Here then, only 38% of buyers can afford to pay the car with their savings. The choice of the car is a moral process step by step that lasts for up to 8 and a half weeks.

The choice of the car is an important moment. Motorists, especially the italieni, leave behind their old car hardly . In fact there are many aspects to be decided; we start from the dimensions and type of frame , we move on to the specifications of the engine but without forgetting the eye to the final price. Here then that Seat wanted to draw the identikit of the choice through a specifically dedicated research. It emerged that more than half of all customers use the configurator on the carmaker’s websitebefore visiting the dealership. It must be said that the choice is very polarized; one in three buyers chooses cars with a high driving position, such as SUVs. The typical case sees an average person of 53 years interested in an SUV and called to invest up to two months to complete the purchase ( Read in January 2019 used car at + 7.4% ). For consumers, after buying a house, the one for the car is the second largest investment. 55% of buyers are driven by the choice of mileage and the age of their car.

It must be said, however, that 20% of sales is the result of the desire for greater safety , more space, lower fuel consumption while 15% of the sample claims to be motivated by family circumstances. Other personal factors, including the change of job or the completion of the studies, account for 10% ( Read about the collapse of diesel only 32% of European cars is ). No wonder then that the average duration of the buying process is eight and a half weeks . 45% of customers decide first of all the style and size (increasingly important), 24% focuses on the engine, 17% on the tight budget and the remaining 14% want a specific brand. Beware though because 55%prospective buyers starting the search for the car with a specific brand in mind change their preferences during the purchase process . In this sense 9 out of 10 consumers admit that the recommendations made by people in their circle are familiar and have an impact on their final decision; we usually seek advice from an average of 8 friends or family members.

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