The Best Public Transportation Systems around the World

Public transportation systems are generally considered inefficient in most parts of the world and people tend to use their own conveyance to get to work. This is because there are a lot of constraints like nature of location, modes of transport, peak hour traffic, and so on. However, the following cities of the world have proved otherwise and made their public transportation systems one of the best in the world.

New York

Doted on as “the city that never sleeps” by the public, New York is constantly on the run and the city has given the residents one of the best public transportation systems in the world. The New York Subway is considered the world’s largest railway station with trains running on time. Even though the subway is known to have constant rerouting, stoppages, or delays, it is still the most robust one in the world. Apart from trains, taxis and yellow cabs in New York are the best to go around the city. Taxi services like offer their services at nominal rates and serve their respective neighborhoods. Taxi Bushwick and similar taxi services are the backbone of the city commutation service.


Berlin, the vibrant city, has a great public transit system with a train, bus, or street car available at every nook and corner of the city. The city transportation services are always punctual and maintained very clean and quiet. Driving and walking in the city are nearly pointless as there are a number of regular trains connecting the nearest places. Sign boards in and around the city help travelers get to their destinations through proper directions.


Zurich is a small city and the main station is one of the most scenic and busiest train systems in the world. The railway station is free of emissions and trains are on time all the time. Commuters will have a whale of a time seeing the breathtaking beauty of Switzerland on Zurich trains.


Being the business hub of Germany, Frankfurt has the most efficient, fast, and reliable transportation system. It has the top-grade metro system and clean transit systems. There is always a bus, street car, or rail available at any time to travel around the city.


London’s transportation system is the largest network that integrates the bus, river, and road systems. The city is well known for its double-decker buses, underground rail system called “The Tube,” River Bus services, and local trains to get to places easily.


The public transport systems in Paris include Metro trains, suburb express trains, and buses and night buses. Paris is well connected by trains all day, while there night buses are available for transfers at nights. So, travelers are welcome to the city of dreams and love.


The public railway hub of Tokyo is ultraclean and vast with trains running frequently without delays and at reasonable costs. Buses in Tokyo are cheaper than trains and offer a convenient and broad service. Cars and ferries are two long-distance transit systems in the city.


Singapore is a beautiful small city with a range of transport means to get around places in no time. The transport system is cheaper, pure, and less packed with commuters. It is always fun to travel around the Lion City.


Seoul ranks the best among the Asian counterparts with its travel cost much cheaper. The trains are pristine and constructed in a way to uphold standards. Transit cards in the city work everywhere in buses, taxis, and even in convenient stores.