Used car: an algorithm can predict its residual life

An algorithm that can change the way to buy a used car with more security , but also to guide it over time knowing what you are wearing. It is the novelty presented by the Polytechnic of Tornio that has developed a scientific method to know how many years of life remain to a used car on the basis of a series of evaluations that are not only km to today the only most accessible tool for consumers. A revolution also welcomed by the trade association of used vehicle dealers who proposed clearer European indications that will be discussed in Brussels.

We have said it a lot of times, the used car keeps one of the most active markets in Italy in motion ( in January 2019 187 used cars sold every 100 new vehicle registrations ). But the business of the century can turn out to be a colossal bin if you lose your head for one of the many “car mileage”, ie those recent cars perfect to be rejuvenated by lowering the distance shown by the odometer. This is why we have created a guide to buying the car used with the check-list of checks that everyone can do. Controls that the algorithm developed by the research team of the Politecnico di Torino can do independently andreport also to the driver when something is about to wear out and launch the maintenance alert to be done.

The algorithm designed at the Department of Management Engineering and Production of the Polytechnic of Turin (DIGEP)
“A formula that not only makes the radiography of the car at the moment, but that can also be useful for future use and continuous monitoring of the kilometers routes, age of the vehicle, but also the driving style and stress load to which it was subjected – explains Luca Mastrogiacomo , professor of DIGEP – These are some examples of variables taken into account by the algorithm that allows not only to calculate the remaining life of a vehicle used at the time of its purchase, but also prospectively turning it into a devicewhich, installed on the vehicle and connected to an app, provides the wearer in real time, component by component, and to predict any faults allowing planning and optimizing its maintenance ” .

In Italy there are over 157 thousand companies operating in the sale of vehicles and there are 440 thousand employees, according to researchers. Last year, more than half of the automotive sector sales involved the second-hand vehicle. Even in Europe the numbers are important: from 2011 to 2016 the number of vehicles circulated rose from 243 to 257 million and, in this ranking , Italy is in second place with 37.8 million behind Germany and ahead of the United Kingdomand France. A device that can help to find the scams of used cars more easily but that has been well received among the proposals to protect the sector from the Italian association of used vehicle dealers (AIRVO) to a technical table that will be established in the European Parliament . Stay connected because we will come back to tell you more.

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