What responsibility for the freight carrier?

When you make use of a freight carrier, a contract binds you to the freight carrier. In case of theft or damage to the goods what are your rights and what is the carrier’s liability? Back on the responsibilities that travel with your merchandise.

Transport and delivery, which regulations?

The regulation concerning the transport of goods is more and more strict. Increasing the standards of safety and hygiene helps to preserve the quality of the products transported. The goal is to make transportation an added value to the product.

For certain goods, these are specific standards that must be respected by the carrier of goods. Food products, live animals or transport of dangerous goods, a different regulation applies and makes the transport of certain goods a public health issue. To avoid any problem when receiving the products, the carriers put in place more advanced security measures to prevent possible accidents. Among these measures, product traceability.

Traceability and security of the road transport of goods

Freight transport professionals and logistics providers are undergoing major changes in the way they organize themselves. To prevent the risk of theft or misdelivery of goods, carriers are increasingly using new technologies that track the products transported. From barcodes to smart tags that are remotely searchable, these modern technologies are a guarantee of security for the merchandise carrier, but also a way to always have an eye on the quality of the product.

The main purpose of this monitoring is for the company to improve its performance. The technologies make it possible to identify the transported product more quickly, to follow and record its journey until the receipt of the goods and to control its quality. These new tools contribute to compliance with safety and hygiene standards, but also contribute to the growth of the company by raising the level of customer satisfaction and standing out from the competition. The chain of custody is thus from the supplier to the user.

International freight transport, what security?

Depending on the type of goods transported and the mode of transport used, freight transport in France obeys a separate regulation. Seller and buyer are bound by contracts that are necessary for one or the other in case of degradation of the product.

If the carrier damages the goods, it is the insurance that takes over and allows part of the refund on the damaged goods. Consult the international regulations for road, rail, sea and air transport to find out about the different conventions governing transport.

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